Monday, May 10, 2010


Last evening while driving home my friend called to excuse our scheduled tea party meet today. He reasoned it with the arrival of his cousin and their family. Probing further he told me that they are from Rajasthan (Indian state) and in Dubai on medical grounds. Their bubbly cute 3 year old boy cannot speak due to his inability to hear since childhood. As he was narrating the agony and frustration he sees in the boys eyes my heart sank

The boy’s parents couldn’t afford 1.5 Million medical treatment necessary to bring smiles and joy to him – on a perspective was thinking so wish can connect with either India’s PM or health ministry and request them to focus on basic healthcare, such was the rush of blood

Was trying to attribute his words to where I stand in his life. Some strange force brought us together. We do all we can for the ones close to us. Have promised myself to have a SIP linked fund which I wish to dedicate to healthcare and basic education of any one in need. May be it’s a small step but I felt relived after my plan