Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fitness Club - Cross Sell

The years coming to close and I have gone back to my January pages of this year to cross check if I could manage to close at least two of the five new year resolutions for this year. Since I planned to lose weight I enrolled in a fitness club for a crash course to ensure I live up to my promise. It has been two weeks since I started going there but after a quick two week check I realized I am a regular there but not doing the thread mills but borrowing DVD's from their huge collection

This comes to a very important aspect for any retailer - Cross Sell

Considering marketing spends are down and the cost of sourcing a "good customer" is high - marketers are looking at options to explore cross sell opportunities. Cross sell leads to customer retention which did happen in my case - the terminology may vary from Inbound sourcing to Social or need base marketing the mantra remains the same - catch the customer when he is captive

In my fitness club case the information was key for my repeat visits - this is the most critical element for cross sell too. Information is the key and the front end needs to link up their products info to the customers welcome pack and follow up with them for a closure

The welcome kit in their case was a branded back pack and a t shirt with key messaging for motivating me to take the extra mile to fulfill my new year resolution

Since I am just two weeks away have decided to extend this and keep it as my one of two resolutions for 2010. I wish to do some thing for charity next year - may be a trek to Everest Base camp and this will cross sell my earlier commitment of losing excess fat - till such time I wish to enjoy the lovely weather in Dubai and add on few more kilo calories