Saturday, January 14, 2012

Make change that stays

'It's not the mountain we conquer-but ourselves.' Sir Edmund Hillary

Daily life makes us succumb to routine, rat race and personal goals. There is element of 'goodness' and 'generosity' embedded in every human being that needs to be rekindled.

At some crossroads of life, we receive these 'higher callings' which urge you to participate in the societal needs from which you have benefited.
A reawakened group of eight middle- aged Indian executives from UAE, Kuwait and Egypt congregated to touch the lives of underprivileged children in India through the institution CRY - Child Rights and You. The effort is being crystallized through a charity hike planned at summiting the highest mountain in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro (5895 mtrs). And the challenge is that these are eight normal people pulled out of comfortable lives with no previous climbing experience. In their attempt, they will be battling-20 degrees of biting cold, altitude sickness and gasping for the rarefied air.

The team expects that the sunrise on the summit will comprehensively reinforce and revitalize their perspective towards life and society. The climb is scheduled from 4th February, 2012 to 10th February, 2012.

You as a person can make a difference and participate in this effort. This gesture can significantly change the life of an underprivileged forever.

All you need to do is fill up the below form to initiate the difference. The last date for accepting your generosity will be March 12, 2012. All the funds will be directly received by CRY.

Link enclosed