Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Indian Driving Experience

During my last trip to India, managed to persuade my mother for dad's car keys. The stress behind the wheel made me admit to WHO facts on Indians topping in blood pressure and heart ailments. We have very few or NO rules! Two lanes become five lanes at any given point of time.

This blog is a compilation of various drivers / people I have managed to encounter. We can see an orderly chaos and beleive me its much safer than what we feel it would be

Two Wheelers
Often referred to as an all terrain bike - fit for enterpreneurs- they are also quick, show similar traits of adaptability, and take quick decisions in maneuvering across dividers, cars and people

Cars ( Four Wheelers)
Can be an eptiome of Indian hospitality - noticed a group of 6 in a small car

Can be compared to Indian Public Sector Units (PSU's) - they are a necessity evil. they have some amazing graffiti and funny lines like horn OK please etc., If you mistake it for an invitation for honking - be cautious - no matter how hard you press - they dont budge an inch

Tuk Tuk's ( Autos - Three Wheelers)
Often refered to as common mans car. It is worth mentioning that they form the life line for many stream transportation across India. Only the island of Mumbai managed to keep them away

We also need to share the same road with cows, bullock carts, pedestrians, school children et al.,

On a positive note, we tend to accommodate every moving element on the road and still reach our destination safely. I beleive the key trait of being accommodative evolved within us

Monday, March 21, 2011

At The Gym

After going to my neighbourhood gym for a month and running on the same treadmill ( which refuses to start with the "START" button but gets moving when I change the incline ) I've compiled a list of some of the people i've come across at the gym

1) Miss LV
She seems to be at the gym to be seen and not to work out. I always end up wearing aything which comes my way - I did notice she is on coordinated outfits every day. From her pony tail ribbon to her branded shoes to her sweat band all look in perfect sync every day. She seems to be a perfect ' merchandiser' at an LV boutique

A little warning to those entire freshers - following them can create a hole in your pocket

2) Control Freak
Apologies to the lady who seems to be controlling her spouses simple yam - these are the people who tend to amplify their workout sessions. They make a perfect ' PR spin doctors' at work. Thanks to her the instructor shows up on time every time
A little warning to those entire freshers - follow them at your own risk

3) Dreamers
I fall into this category. These are the people working towards a fitness goal and tend to limit their stretches to minimalistic levels. They perfer the tried and tested route and go for a fixed regime every day even though normal is boring. They make a perfect ' Teller' in a bank whose only job is to see those millions moving within his hands every day
A little warning to those freshers - following them may lead to monotony

4) Bollywood Connection
These people are the gym to work - they give complex to our own six pack bollywood stars - wonder how their body is contored in all sorts of expressions. They make perfect ' Models' for branded toned bodies
A little warning to those freshers - stay away from them as they tend to make you feel miserable
5) Sunset Boulevard
She seems to spend more time on her make up than at the treadmill. She moves around the gym with hand towels and you can see a trail of them within minutes of her being at the gym. May be she is a perfect ambassador for waterproof layers of MAC
A little warning to those entire freshers - STAY AWAY

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We salute customer- focused organisations (Gulf News, 05 Jan 2011, Page 30)

We salute customer- focused organisations
By Manuel Almario Community Journalist
Gulf News
05 Jan 2011

Gota complaint? Have you been provided with good customer service or just lip service? Have you felt let down over bank changes or utility bills? Upset at the pitfalls of after-sales service? No moreworries, GulfNews is here to help. For over a more...