Monday, January 4, 2010

Lesson (1) learnt from my Everest Base Camp Trek programme

As a prelude to my earlier blog on new years resolution I initiated a trek to Everest Base camp this year with a scheduled summit date as 15th August. Motivated few friends to join me for this as I wanted to do it for a cause - which would help me close on this years resolution of charity work.

Thanks to google and the numerous web sites which guide a novice like me to do the difficult task I' ve found some thing very useful - Walk like a Nepali. As in get into their shoes, feel their motivation and walk. As walking is at the very heart of the adventure and some attention should be given to the way it is performed. "Walking like a Nepali" is the best way to enjoy the adventure. Highlanders! - Most paths follow the shortest possible way between two points regardless the slopes. It is tiring, but unless the trekker is ready to create new paths, that’s the only option. Such an approach demands a different type of walk. A Nepali kind of walk.

For some one in Business Intelligence or in marketing a customer is just a number. We measure him by means of quantum of deposits he has with our bank or with the number of different product relations he has but we never get into his shoes and think about him

Ive promised myself to be closer to customers, hear them, understand them and then establish channels to connect with them